Framing Butterflies and Feathers

At JustFrameIt, we understand the fragility and aesthetic value of these objects and offer specialized framing services for both butterflies and feathers.


The Art and Care of Framing Butterflies and Feathers

Framing butterflies and feathers requires not only aesthetic understanding but also careful handling and knowledge of conservation.

  1. Delicate Handling: Both butterflies and feathers are extremely fragile. The wings of butterflies can be easily damaged, and feathers can lose their shape if handled carelessly.
  2. UV protection: To preserve the bright colors and details of butterflies and feathers, it is essential to use UV-protective glass. This protects against discoloration caused by sunlight.
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In our JustFrameIt workshop: expert guidance and care

A visit to our studio provides:

  • Expert advice on positioning and framing butterflies and feathers to highlight their natural shape and beauty.
  • A wide selection of frame styles and glass options to fit any decor and preference.
  • Careful and respectful treatment of each item, focusing on preserving the integrity and color of your natural treasure.
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Online Options with Our Configurator

For those who have a clear vision or prefer to store online, our configurator makes it easy to:

  • To choose from a variety of frame styles and sizes.
  • To select the appropriate glass protection.
  • To see in advance how your butterfly or feather will look in the chosen frame.
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Important tips for framing butterflies or feathers

  1. Ethical Collecting: Make sure any butterfly or feather you frame is ethically sourced. It is essential to respect natural habitats and populations.
  2. Regular Cleaning: Because dust can accumulate, it is important to regularly clean your framed butterflies and feathers with a soft cloth.
  3. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Despite UV protection, it is still best to avoid direct sunlight to prolong the life of your framed object.
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Ready to frame?

Framing butterflies and feathers is a tribute to the natural world and an opportunity to preserve the fleeting beauty of these wonders. At JustFrameIt, we provide the expertise and care needed to present these delicate pieces in the best possible way. Each frame tells a story of natural magic, and we are here to share that story with you.