Frame your running number

Immortalise your running performance in a beautiful frame.

First of all, a big congratulations on your running achievement! No doubt you trained and sweated hard to achieve this feat. Now it's time to frame the crown jewel of your achievement: your running number. We would love to help you! At Justframeit, you can have your running numbers framed hassle-free and online.

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How does it work?

We have made the framing process as simple as possible, you just need to follow the steps on this link. Choose what size you want below and order easily online. You can bring your running numbers to our studio or send it by mail (free shipping label!).

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Choose your frame style.

We have more than 30 different types of frames. We are sure one will fit your interior. You can also come and choose any time in our studio.

View the frame collection

Bring or send us your running number.

You can bring your running number to our studio. Or we will provide you with an already stamped postal box or mail roll so you can send your poster safely. Shipping is always free.

Start framing

We frame everything and deliver your new frame to your home.

The frames are made to fit your running number. Everything is framed with the utmost care. Then we provide the appropriate packaging and free home delivery within 5 days. You can also come and pick up your frame.

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What are the options?

  • Framing 1 running number (Small frame - €59)
  • Frame multiple race numbers (Medium frame - €79)
  • Framing race number + medal (Medium box - €79
  • Anything else? Feel free to send to
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More than 30 quality frames to choose from.

Tip: Choose a black, white or wood frame for a timeless classic look. For a special touch, choose an accent color that also appears in your running number!

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