Framing a puzzle

Your favourite puzzle framed on the wall.

Have you also spent a lovely long time puzzling? Immortalise your hard work and frame your puzzle! We make it easy for you. Bring your puzzle to our workshop, we will glue it and frame it in a frame of your choice. Prices range between €60-€250 depending on the size.

Want to have a puzzle framed?

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How it works

Having something framed can be a tough job, especially with a puzzle. We make it easy. Explore our collection of frames and choose your favorite. We'll frame your puzzle and deliver it to your door.

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Pull a picture of your puzzle (or use a sample) and preview it in our frames. Choose your favorite frame.

View the frames


Bring your puzzle to our studio. You can transport it on a shelf or roll it up.

Start framing


You will receive your beautifully framed puzzle within 3-5 business days, ready to hang.

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"Beautiful frames! Puzzle is very firmly glued and framed. Thank you"

- Angèle DB, Brussel

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The Process of Framing Puzzles: Technique and Aesthetics

Framing puzzles requires both technical knowledge and an artistic eye to ensure that the puzzle is properly presented and protected.

  1. Fastening: Before a puzzle can be framed, it must be fastened. This can be done with special puzzle glue or adhesive sheets that hold the pieces together.
  2. Choice of Frame: Depending on the aesthetics of the puzzle, a simple frame or a more ornate design may be appropriate.
  3. Glass Protection: Using UV-protective glass can help keep the colors of your puzzle vibrant and prevent fading from sunlight.
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In our JustFrameIt Atelier: Specialization and Precision

When you come to our studio with your puzzle, you can expect:

  • Personalized advice on the best frame and mat for your puzzle.
  • Professional guidance on choosing the right mounting method.
  • Careful handling of your puzzle to ensure every piece stays perfectly in place.
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Online Framing with Our Configurator

If you prefer the convenience of shopping online, our configurator makes it simple to:

  • Choose your ideal frame style and size.
  • Select glass options that protect and highlight your puzzle.
  • See a preview of what your framed puzzle would look like before making your final decision.

Tips for Framing Puzzles

  1. Choose the Right Moment: Don't wait too long after completing the puzzle to frame it. The sooner you do it, the less likely pieces will be lost or damaged.
  2. Sizes are Crucial: Measure your puzzle carefully. Puzzles may vary from their advertised sizes, so accurate measurements will ensure a perfectly fitting frame.
  3. Hang in a Safe Place: Although your framed puzzle is protected, it is best to hang it in a place where it cannot be easily bumped or come into direct sunlight.
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