Shirt Framing

Your favourite jersey framed on the wall

Your favourite team should of course get a nice spot. What better way to do that than to have a jersey of your team framed? We make it easy for you.

Bonucci 1

How does it work?

Having something framed can be a tough job. We make it easy. Explore our collection of frames and choose your favorite. We'll frame your sweater and deliver it to your door.

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Pull a picture of your jersey (or use a sample) and preview it in our frames. Choose your favorite frame.

See the frames

Bring or send

You can bring your shirt to our studio. Or we will provide you with an already stamped postal box or mailing roll so you can send your shirt safely. Shipping is always free.

Start framing


You will receive your beautifully framed jersey within 3-5 business days, ready to hang.

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"Wonderful, my jersey of Zulte Waregem now has a beautiful place in my room! Thanks"